Community Engagement

Vision and Goals

TND has learned that fostering neighbor-to-neighbor connections leads to greater personal investment in the community. Therefore, we build relationships, elevate leadership, and then support residents to participate in civic and community-based issues.

2012-2015 Membership Increases

Service Summary

Harboring relationships and leadership development are the underpinnings of productive social networks, organizations and civic engagement. Community organizing and neighborhood planning are strategies used to identify community priorities, to forge public and community agreements to shape resource deployment and municipal policy, and to provide an opportunity for residents to participate in municipal decision making.

2015 Community Engagement Snapshot

1575 TND Members
92 NeighborCircle Participants
441 Civic Engagement Participants
10 Neighborhood Cleanups
200 Neighborhood Leaders
1500 Involved in TND events

Christine Pierannunzi: TND Member

“TND is the most active organization in the Ward 2 neighborhood in the City of Revere, ensuring all its’ residents have a means to voice their concerns, express their ideas for neighborhood improvement, and get involved in a hands on way to bring about visible change.”

“They build communication between neighbors and develop relationships that make us a strong community. Last but not least, the property development and improvement that TND has performed in the neighborhood has been key to eliminating vacant properties and transforming them into very desirable places to live.”


Highlighted Services


The trend for neighbors to remain disconnected has a high price. The neighbor to neighbor support networks are in decline. NeighborCircles are a deliberate attempt to rebuild those connections. Participants in the Circles show evidence of greater social capital. 

While only 23% of residents reported to speak a neighbor for 5+ minutes, 70% of NeighborCircle participants reported to speak a neighbor for 5+ minutes.


TND Members are the heart of community engagement. They are residents of our community that donate their time to making a difference in the lives of the people around them. As a community organization, Membership is a crucial part of TND’s mission to strengthen our neighborhoods-and that can only be done with their help.

Sidewalk Buttler pilot program

Sidewalk Buttler pilot program

Shirly Ave. Urban Trail Ribbon Cutting

Shirly Ave. Urban Trail Ribbon Cutting


  • In 2018, the community engagement team activated 1,554 unique individuals.

  • TND has 214 leaders among its members with 86 trained by TND in 2018.

  • 2,038 individuals participated in TND’s events.

  • The Community Enhancement Team (CET) took on advocating for and passing a plastic bag ban in Chelsea.


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