National Grid's lockout is keeping families from moving into their homes. The Neighborhood Developers (TND) was on schedule to complete the construction of 34 affordable homes in Chelsea in November. Eight of these homes are set aside for formerly homeless families, and seven of the incoming residents identify as disabled. But completion of construction has hit an indefinite delay because our area’s gas company, National Grid, remains in a contract dispute with their union workers. Without natural gas serving the building, TND cannot provide heat or hot water to the building, making it uninhabitable. To date, we have no time frame for when gas might be installed, and when residents might be able to move into their homes.

"I want nothing more than to be able to let these families know before the holidays that we have a definite move-in date for them,"
- TND's Executive Director, Rafael Mares

The implications are that 34 households are left in limbo, having been selected for an apartment, but unable to move in and with no idea how long this delay will last. New residents oriented their lives around moving into their new homes beginning in November, and now they are stuck between their previous living arrangements and their new homes at Acadia. This includes eight homeless families that must now remain in shelters for months longer than necessary. 

This problem not only affects Acadia. Families all around the region are being kept from nearly completed homes, including hundreds of affordable homes in the Boston area. TND is concerned that the winter weather, and the long list of developments like Acadia that have been waiting in line for gas service, could compound the problem with further delays that might continue, even after the lockout ends.

We sincerely hope that this dispute will be resolved before the holidays, so we can give these families the comfort of knowing when they will finally be able move into their new homes. 

TND's executive director, Rafael Mares and our real estate team are working tirelessly to remove the barriers to the families moving in to their homes. As soon as the 34 families move in, TND's Resident Services program will greet them and connect them with resources and additional support. The eight homeless families move will receive deeper levels of supports to make sure they have everything they need as they settle in to permanent affordable housing.  

Your donation will provide stable homes and TND's Resident Services program. 

TND has 395 homes in our portfolio, and that will go up to 429 when Acadia’s complete—serving more than 1,300 individuals.

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