Below are some links we found from around the web that we thought were relevant to our work. These articles don't always represent our point of view, but it's interesting to know what people are saying :


WBUR: How Homeownership Affects Greater Boston's 'Immense' Racial Wealth Gap
Among the big themes of this year's presidential campaign is the growing gap between America's rich and its poor, which increasingly defines a number of American cities, including the Boston area.

Chelsea Record: Year in Review: 16 Stories from 2016
The year of 2016 saw great excitement and great disappointment in Chelsea – from the hopeful inauguration in January of six new councillors to the shocking shooting death of Pablo Villeda and six others in March to the opening of the iconic new FBI building on Everett Avenue. It was, no doubt, an eventful year and one in which Chelsea residents saw a more civically active community poised for an exciting future.

The Atlantic: How Badly Could Trump Hurt Sanctuary Cities?
The federal funds under threat could amount to more than 20 percent of a city budget, or less than 1 percent. Either way, cities could well end up hurting.

CityLab: Julián Castro, Leveling the Playing Field
The secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development discusses the future of fair and affordable housing as he prepares to leave his post.

Chelsea Record: Votes Point to Robinson to be Next Council President
The Chelsea City Council is expected to meet on Tuesday, Jan. 3, for an organizational meeting to pick the new officers for the body, including the incoming Council President.

Chelsea Record: CPA Vote by Council Brings New Measure Closer to Reality
The Chelsea City Council voted unanimously on Monday to accept the proposed structure for the new Community Preservation Act (CPA) committee.

Boston Globe: Off-duty firefighter spots fire on roof of Chelsea bakery
The morning shift at a Chelsea commercial bakery was safely evacuated Tuesday after an off-duty Chelsea firefighter spotted flames and heavy smoke pouring from the roof, triggering a two-alarm response by firefighters.

Revere Journal: ZBA to Hear Plans for Two New Projects
By Sue Ellen Woodcock Two projects, one involving a mixed use project of retail and residential property and a project for a five-story storage unit will appear before the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) tonight (Dec. 28) in Council Chambers, both are being represented by D’ambrosio & Brown. The Neighborhood Developers are proposing to...