Bank of America Investing in Safety


The  Bank of America is partnering with TND to support community vitality and economic opportunity for all. Alicia Verity, Massachusetts Market Manager for the Bank of America Charitable Foundation shares that the Foundation’s Economic Mobility grant-making is based on a core vision: “We believe that one’s zip code should not define an individual or family’s economic well-being. Economic opportunity begins with the ability to live and work in vibrant communities, with access to safe, decent housing, strong business corridors, and access to arts and culture.”  

The Bank of America provided a $25,000 grant in support of TND’s leadership of the Chelsea Thrives program, a holistic initiative that seeks to improve community safety in Chelsea.  Melissa Walsh, who manages the Chelsea Thrives program, completed a year-long professional development course sponsored by the Bank of America. “The training was a fantastic opportunity to meet emerging leaders from around the country and to build my skills for new program development.”  Melissa and many Chelsea Thrives partners recognize that despite notable reductions in crime, perceptions of safety inhibit pedestrian use of downtown Chelsea, especially in the evenings. The partners – including the City of Chelsea, non-profits, residents and businesses -- are coordinating efforts to further reduce crime and improve community vitality.