Links from the web that we found relevant. They don't always represent our point of view, but they're interesting:

Citylab: Trump's Budget: Expect Reagan-Era Levels of Homelessness
Deep cuts to HUD could exacerbate the nation’s already severe affordable housing crisis.

Boston Globe: The poor fare better in Mass., even though inequality abounds
…providing educational opportunities for all, even guaranteeing affordable housing — Massachusetts is already outperforming most of the nation.

HousingWire: Trump’s budget to defund NeighborWorks America and other housing programs
President Donald Trump officially announced his budget proposal that would, among many other cuts, slash $6.2 billion from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s funding.

MassLive: Massachusetts social service advocates call President Donald Trump's budget a 'war against the poor'
Today, there are around 200,000 poor Massachusetts residents who rely on the federal government to provide heating assistance money so they can heat their homes through the winter.

Inman: Why affordable housing is essential to our economy
Building 100 affordable rental homes generates $11.7 million in local income

CityLab: What Happens When a Poor City Raises Its Minimum Wage to $15?
Baltimore isn’t as economically healthy as Seattle or San Francisco. That can be an argument both for and against its new legislation.