Re-imagining Broadway

Thank you to everyone who attended Re-imagining Broadway’s community workshop on April 5 at the Williams School. The City of Chelsea and its project team received great input from attendees on how to improve and revitalize Broadway.

The presentation is now available in English and in Spanish on the Documents section of the project website.

Feedback on Ideas
All of the meeting boards with ideas for improving downtown circulation (street direction, enhanced squares) are also available online for your review and feedback.

If you would like to send the project team feedback on these ideas, please click on the link here:

Parking Survey
We also want to remind you that the project’s parking survey is still open. If you have not completed it yet, please do so now. Your input will help us develop a deeper understanding of how well our existing parking supplies, policies, and management approach are serving the needs and expectations of our Downtown Chelsea business owners, employees, residents, and visitors.

This survey (available in English and Spanish) should take 5-7 minutes to complete. All responses will remain confidential and only be reported in the aggregate.


Visit Re-imagining Broadway's website at to learn more about the project and to sign up for emails.

Thank you,
The Re-imagining Broadway Project Team
Re-imagining Broadway is a planning effort, led by the City of Chelsea, to develop strategies to improve access and mobility for all users to downtown. The plan will focus not just on a redesign of downtown circulation, but also how that redesign will support businesses, residents, shoppers, workers, students, and all other travelers.

The goals of this effort are to:

  • Enhance how public space is used and accessed downtown
  • Support existing businesses and encourage new growth
  • Beautify the area and create a consistent, vibrant look
  • Improve overall safety for all users
  • Establish a circulation pattern that works for cars, buses, pedestrians, transit riders, and bicyclists

Thanks to the foresight and diligence of the Chelsea City Council and City Manager Thomas G. Ambrosino, the City of Chelsea continues to invest in Chelsea’s infrastructure to make transformative change. This plan is not an independent effort; it is one piece of the larger ongoing improvements being made in downtown and throughout Chelsea.