Links from the web that we found relevant. They don't always represent our point of view, but they're interesting:

NYT: How Homeownership Became the Engine of American Inequality
An enormous entitlement in the tax code props up home prices — and overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy and the upper middle class.

Chelsea Record: City Schedules Hearing for Strip Club at Zoning Board
A hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) for the Phantom Ventures strip club on Beacham Street has been scheduled for next Tuesday, May 9, in City Hall.

Chelsea Record: Chelsea Marches on Washington
The Chelsea group travelled by bus from the City to the nation’s capital. Meanwhile, protesters from Chelsea make their way down Pennsylvania Avenue during the march.

NPR: FreshAir--The Color of Law
Author Richard Rothstein says the housing programs begun under the New Deal were tantamount to a "state-sponsored system of segregation," in which people of color were purposely excluded from suburbs.

NYT: A Public Overdose. An Antidote at Hand. Would Passers-By Use It?
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Across the country, someone dies of an opioid overdose every 24 minutes. In Massachusetts, the death toll is five people a day.

Chelsea Record: City Officials Claim Victory for Now in Sanctuary City Federal Case
The ruling by a federal judge in California’s 9th Circuit that President Donald Trump’s Sanctuary City executive order is unconstitutional has by extension created a “total victory” for the City in its own federal lawsuit filed in Boston Federal Court – the 1st Circuit.

Chelsea Record: State CPA Contribution Near to Nothing Just as Chelsea Joins In
Just as the City is about ready to name the new Community Preservation Act (CPA) Board members in the next month, the state’s matching fund is at record lows and almost down to nothing.

City Lab: California's Legal Assault On NIMBYs Begins
Over 100 bills aim to fix the state’s severe housing crisis, including many that would crack down on developers and communities that aren’t doing their part.

NYT: Housing Advocates Vow Sustained Protest of de Blasio Aide
For months, protesters hounded Mayor Bill de Blasio at town hall-style meetings and fund-raisers from Manhattan to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., demanding that he shut down New York City’s main jail complex on Rikers Island.

WBUR: Walsh Touts Affordable Housing Development For Downtown Boston
The city of Boston and real estate firm Related Beal on Tuesday announced plans for what they called the city's "first 100% affordable and workforce housing development to be built in more than 25 years."