Diversity in action

This afternoon, I went to pick up my books for a guest reading opportunity with The Chelsea Public Library’ Diversity In Action(DIA) program. The program’s main goal is to celebrate all of the wonderful languages spoken and cultures represented in Chelsea. Next week, I’ll be reading the bilingual edition, English-Khmerof “In here, out there!” by Phillipp Winterberg. I also hope to teach the students a few words of Khmer, the primary language of Cambodia. I’m excited to continue to contribute to the celebration of our community’s diversity and to strengthen our social fabric.  For more information about the DIA national program and the resources at Chelsea Public Library, stop by to visit them at 569 Broadway, Chelsea MA, 02150, (617)466-4352http://www.chelseama.gov/public-library.  Be sure to join me next week for the community event, Diversity in Action Chelsea Community Night on Wednesday, May 10th at 6pm.