Break bread, build community!

Back in March,  we held a resident meeting at one of our properties in Revere. It was a joint effort of The Neighborhood Developers(TND) and our property management team Winn Residential, to share building and community updates to our residents . At the end of the meeting a few of our Muslim residents, Fatima and Nadia in particular, approached me about having an Iftar- a breaking of the Ramadan fast within our building.  Immediately, excitement was in the air and other residents were interested in taking part in this event. Over the last 2 weeks, I reached out to those same residents and ask them to help organize an Iftar for the building. In preparation of the event, I myself tried to fast for the Iftar and that is an experience I will have to  share at another time.

This past Saturday, some of our residents at 525 Beach Street pulled together an amazing spread that included chocolate croissants, dates, hard boiled eggs, small meat pies, and harira, - a traditional soup served during Ramadan made up of tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, onions, rice, herbs, meat and spices,  And to wash it all down, we had milk, coffee and Moroccan sweet spearmint tea. Over 15 kids and 12 residents came together to break the Ramadan fast at a little past 8:15pm. The meal was over in less than 20 minutes but we all lingered a few more hours chatting, slowly savoring what remains on our plate and laughing with one another. Here is what Carol Palermo, one of our newest building resident had to say:

“I had a wonderful experience at the Ramadan iftar, I learned a lot about the history of the Ramadan and how the families fast all day. I could not believe all the different foods that were brought by the Moroccan families in the building that prepared the food for the evening. My other thought was how wonderful the parents interact with their children.

I also enjoyed trying the soup.

Thanks for the experience.

Newly energized by the breaking of our fast, we decided to take advantage of living close to the beach, cleaned up our meals, packed up the kids and took a close to midnight stroll to Revere Beach. And that was our first Iftar at 525 Beach. Stay tuned for guest bloggers from our buildings.