Link It Over

Links from the web that we found relevant. They don't always represent our point of view, but they're interesting:

WashingtonPost: New survey of mayors shows most are concerned about lack of affordable housing
Many of the nation’s mayors are concerned about the price of housing and the ability of residents to afford living in their cities, according to a survey of more than 100 mayors from across the country.

BostonGlobe: Walsh aims to rein in short-term rental market
In a bid to ease Boston’s persistent housing shortage, Mayor Martin J. Walsh is seeking to rein in Airbnb and other online services that have turned thousands of apartments and condos into de facto hotel rooms.

WGBH: Medicaid Work Requirements Perpetuate A 'Vicious Cycle' Of Poverty
It’s the faces that get to me. The resigned faces of the women lined up waiting to be served at the Pine Street Inn.

Bloomberg: How Helsinki uses a board game to promote public participation
When mayors talk about “citizen engagement,” two things usually seem clear: It’s a good thing and we need more of it.

CityLab: The Psychology of Boston's Snow Parking Wars
In Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia, an informal code allows residents to claim a parking space after shoveling it out. But the practice is often at odds both with the law and with the mores of changing neighborhoods.

VOX: The real victims of government shutdowns are poor kids, military vets, and low-paid workers
The third day of the federal shutdown has already started disrupting the lives of Americans all across the country.

JCHS: Really?! Ten Surprising Findings from the America's Rental Housing Report
Following the release of our America's Rental Housing report last month, one of the most common questions has been: "Which findings are new or surprising to you?"

WickedLocal: LETTER: More affordable housing projects like Frost Terrace needed
A Better Cambridge congratulates the entire Cambridge community for the unanimous zoning board approval of the Frost Terrace housing development at 1791 Massachusetts Ave. in Porter Square.

CNBC: Nearly half of young millennials get thousands in secret support from their parents
Forget buying a home — even renting a room is out of reach to many young people, especially in big cities. Wages have stagnated but rents haven't, meaning workers just out of college are in a bind: To live where the jobs are, they need help.

HealthDay: Can't Pay the Rent? Kids' Health May Suffer
Millions of American families struggle to find and keep stable housing -- and the fight to do so may end up harming kids' health.

Bloomberg: What Works Cities
In cities across the United States, mayors lack the tools to use data and evidence to improve how governing gets done.

CityLab: Immigration Raids, Coming to a Store Near You
Immigration officials said purpose of their raids on 7-Elevens was to target employers. The evidence suggests otherwise.