We Are Family

Hello friends,

Over the last couple of months, the Revere Community Committee members have had to adapt to a few staff transitions over on our end. One thing is clear while I was away though, this resident group is more than a working committee, they have become FAMILY. Like any family gathering, we have our good moments and our growth moments. We argue, we laugh, we love--we are family!

They welcomed me back with open arms at the end of last year but immediately made their demands, like a group of elder siblings will do. They wanted me to expand our family(umm, I mean network). So in January, I promised them that I’ll do my part to expand the network so long as they do the same, together we are going to grow. They added an additional challenge, they asked me to invite Mayor Brian Arrigo and his new staff member, Nick Romano, to come to our meetings. They wanted to get updates on the Walnut Ave Park project (a project that is near and dear to some of members). and other beautification projects they initiated.

With some diligence, I set out to expand the network and we had a few new faces at our last community meeting in February. And guess what?? Nick Romano AND Mayor Arrigo joined us. The Mayor shared updates on funding coming into the Shirley Ave neighborhood via the MassWorks grant to address infrastructure needs and $750K in community benefits from a development project at the former Shaw’s site. He also affirmed the latter funding would go towards the Walnut Ave Park(joyfully squealing on the RCC’s behalf)  and rehab Curtis Lee Park near the neighborhood’s local elementary school.

Just in case the membership didn’t get enough good news, the Mayor gladly pointed out that one of our own members just became the city planner, Tech Leng, and he gave a nod to the talent in the room. We also had another unexpected visitor,  Senator Joe Boncore who when asked, what do you love about Revere, he mentioned, “the paradigm shift” and his excitement to be connecting with a group like the RCC. The Senator’s visit prompted, a shocked “oh” from active member, Jan Dumas, and the Mayor was quick to point out the difference in reception good naturedly. Both said they didn’t plan on staying long but the RCC can be captivating and before either of them knew it, they stayed to end for a family portrait committed one of their staff members to join the RCC at all future meetings. Talk about growing the network!

2018 will bring many opportunities to this network of neighbors but there is not doubt there is room for growth, love lives in Revere. This group continues to demonstrate, there is room for more. If you want to be in the network and get involved join the membership.

Warm regards,

Vanny, Community Engagement Manager