Spring Love

#LoveYourNeighbor Campaign

Happy first day of SPRING friends! For our local members, I’m sure news of our fourth Nor’easter makes us wonder if spring will ever reach our neighborhoods. Spring may not be in our reach, but love is blooming everywhere. I’m talking about the love that springs from neighbors helping out neighbors. This love is about compassion for one another. In my short professional career in community development, I have found that it’s hard to teach compassion but this is the very thing that motivates us to perhaps step out of our comfort zone, expand our network, or elevate our guiding principles into action steps. Many times we only highlight our recognizable heroes but what about the folks who are doing good everyday and making our world a little better for all rather than some?

Take our young member, Henry Lopez, for example. He and his family are active participants in the Shirley Ave neighborhood revitalization efforts. He’s really young and for some, it’s easy to discount his presence in a neighborhood clean up or community meeting but as you will see, he’s absorbing the actions of those around him.  A couple weeks back his mom shared with me a piece of Henry’s school work and inspired me to keep at it; keep including folks at the decision making table, keep empowering those around me, keep on connecting neighbors to neighbors, and keep on doing what you love because the results may surprise you.

Henry loves his neighborhood and it’s having a Henry in my neighborhood that warms my heart.

Henry MLK.jpg

Let’s honor folks like Henry.  In support of TND’s 40th anniversary in building homes, opportunities, and  a sense of community. I’m happy to launch our Love Your Neighbor Campaign. Help me recognize that unsung hero in your neighborhood. Send me a message and we’ll coordinate on giving thanks to our neighborhood heroes. You can reach me at vhuot@tndinc.org.