On Wednesday night, at the monthly Community Enhancement Team (CET) meeting, Pamela Bender from the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (MACDC) visited the group to learn about what they wanted to see at the upcoming MACDC convention.  There was excellent conversation and tremendous leadership was shown as many CET members spoke up and conveyed the concerns and desires of their community. The group highlighted some topics that interested them most: Green Communities, Race Conversations, Residents Working with the City, Facilitation, Gentrification, Working with the Media and more!   Pam was receptive and attentive to everything that was said and and even stated "after hearing from all of you, I want to move to Chelsea".  Thank you Pam Bender and MACDC valuing community voices.  

In addition to the visit from MACDC and the advocacy of the group, there was another heartening aspect of the CET meeting -- their initiative and dedication.  Chelsea resident Mui Chhua facilitated a large part of the meeting, and it was truly inspirational to see her leading the group through their planning process.  The group has plans for some significant transformation projects in 2018, starting with Jefferson street near Soldiers' Home.  The CET has decided to adopt part of Jefferson St in 2018, along with 3 other adopt-a-spot locations that they already care for: one on Willow St, one at Bellingham Hill and one by the Highland stairs.  The group brainstormed and planned, and several members volunteered to take the lead on various next steps.  The vision, initiative and dedication of this group is like no other!  Be part of their movement -- follow them on facebook (, come to their next meeting on 4/18, or join them on Earth Day on 4/21!