Food For Thought

As a Community Engagement Manager, I often use food as a simple tool to connect with others. So when we welcomed our new Director of Community Engagement and Collective Impact, Vicente Sanabria to TND last month, I was happy to hear that he is a foodie,  Whenever you meet him, ask him about the mango experience on Shirley Ave. I promise you it’s entertaining.

These are snapshots of Vicente’s visits to Revere so far:

Vanny, Sylvia Chiang(revere cares), Vicente.jpg

Here is Vicente’s first office visit with Director of Revere CARES Sylvia Chiang where he and Sylvia exchanged pleasantries in español. Sylvia shared that her grandfather was Chinese though she herself doesn’t speak the language or cook much Chinese cuisine at home. While at work, her go to Asian restaurant in Shirley Ave neighborhood is Thmor Da.

Here is Vicente at the home of Kristen Janjar, a TND Revere Board member. To make this less business like and more welcoming, the Janjars opened up their home to us and fellow TND Revere Board member, Tech Leng,  for dinner to get to know the new guy. Rachid Janjar made an delicious impression when he served up pressured cooked chicken curry with potatoes. Check out this tasty Moroccan dish pronounced gah-mee-lah,(my best guest, chicken tangine) and this TND selfie. Aren’t we lucky?

29473136_10214313857452843_7184456376638046273_n (1).jpg
Vicente, Rachid Janjar, Kristen Janjar, Samir Janjar, Tech Leng and Nora Janjar.jpg

Just food for thought...can we use food to increase social connectivity in our communities? If yes? How?