Partner Of The Year

NeighborWorks America

Partner of the Year

NeighborWorks America exists today because 40 years ago, a coalition of residents, government officials, bankers and community members decided to experiment with a new way of making communities better places to live. Instead of public housing projects, this coalition envisioned better, more affordable homes in the places that people need them most. Since its Congressional chartering in 1978, NeighborWorks has expanded to nearly 250 members nationwide. Yet, it has retained what makes it unique: a grassroots approach that allows every organization the flexibility to focus on the needs of its particular community.

TND is one of the first organizations chartered by NeighborWorks America – then known as Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation.  Both organizations are celebrating their 40th anniversaries in 2018.

Accepting the TND Partner of the Year Award on behalf of NeighborWorks was Jeffrey Bryson, Interim CEO and President. Joining Jeffrey were Katie Watts, SVP of Field Operations, and Joan Straussman, now Director of the Northeast Region. Also on hand was Margo Kelly who was the first NeighborWorks America representative to support the Chelsea start-up as well as Michael Williams who plays that role today. TND benefits from all that NeighborWorks has to offer: technical assistance; flexible grants; comprehensive, tailored training; and the opportunity to interact with and learn from fellow professionals from a variety of sectors.


NeighborWorks America is a tremendously valuable funding partner having invested nearly $8M over the last fifteen years in TND.  Through their support for organizational capacity building, NeighborWorks has assisted TND in good times and challenging times. They are a valuable forum for learning – some of our best ideas were nurtured through conversations at NeighborWorks forums and work on national committees.  At CONNECT we say that people can’t aspire to what they don’t know about: NeighborWorks America constantly raises our aspirations.

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The day after the celebration, TND was happy to host our Neighborworks America guests on a tour: Jeffrey Bryson, Katie Watts, and Michael Williams. As we both celebrate our 40th anniversaries, we enjoyed sharing our work and vision for home, community, and opportunity into the future.