Iftar Dinner

Ramadan is the most holy Islamic holiday of the year, it's a holy month of fasting and prayers for Muslims. During Ramadan Muslims do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. They break their fast by sharing meals with family and friends. Last Wednesday June 13th, the residents from 525 Beach in Revere hosted an iftar dinner and invited neighbors and friends; Muslim and non Muslim friends. This was a great opportunity for non Muslims friends to explore and share this culture.

A Colombian resident Maria Patino and her son Carlos Patino attended the iftar dinner and stated they were so happy and felt so welcomed to explore and understand their neighbors culture. Maria shared with resident service that everything was, “Estupendo, todo muy rico, me encanto!” (Excellent, everything was so delicious, I enjoyed it!)  It was a great night for the residents of 525 Beach, they broke fast together, enjoyed each other's company and learned so much from each other. The community room was filled with noise, laughter, neighborly love and delicious food.

Here you can see some dishes that residents and friends shared during the iftar dinner. The harira soup is a very traditional soup served during Ramadan filled with chickpeas, lentils, tomatoes and other fresh veggies. As well you can see all the delicious pastries baked, Sondos Zenina a resident from 525 Beach is known for her famous desserts, on the far left she has baked a pistachio kataifi cake and a friend shared a homemade baklava.  

This was a great night to remember!