Revere Member Of The Year


Revere Member Of The Year


Jan Dumas is a Shirley Avenue resident of Revere who cares deeply about her neighbors and equitable access to community resources.  She is also someone who has shared her powerful personal story as she advocates for affordable homes.

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Jan Dumas became a TND member five years ago after participating in her first NeighborCircle. She later went on to host her own NeighborCircle at her own home to deepen social connections among her neighbors. During the course of her membership with TND, Jan has completed four leadership trainings, learning how to facilitate NeighborCircles, how to set goals for change in a neighborhood setting, and most recently, she completed a Board Leadership Bootcamp where participants learned how to join a municipal Board.

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Jan says, “My service dog Neelix and I are part of the team working to make Shirley Avenue a better neighborhood.”  As an active Revere Community Committee member, Jan has helped to plan and implement many community building events including five Shirley Cultural Festivals and at least eight neighborhood clean-ups. Inspired by another RCC member, she became a proud steward of the second Little Free Library in the City of Revere this past summer, enabling neighbors to access books for readers of all ages and backgrounds. This love of books is part of another passion of Jan’s. When she is not actively helping out her community, Jan organizes conventions for those interested in science fiction and fantasy.