National Service Recognition Day for Chelsea

City Manager Tom Ambrosino proclaimed Tuesday, April 2nd, to be National Service Recognition Day for Chelsea. The City Manager brought seven Chelsea-based AmeriCorps volunteers to City Hall to celebrate their hard work and dedication to bettering the community.

“Chelsea is in a very fortunate situation where a lot of great nonprofits partner to help make the lives of our residents better,” offered City Manager Tom Ambrosino. “And that’s fundamentally what the City’s role is, to improve the lives of the residents.  Thank you for being part of that.”

Three of the volunteers recognized on Tuesday serve the CONNECT program at The Neighborhood Developers: Damon Major, Laura Bither, and Evie Heffernan. CONNECT is a partnership of five organizations that together help people solve housing problems, find better jobs, take the next step in their education, and fix their personal finances.

Two of the celebrated volunteers, Sage Loomis and Sophia Ordonez, are part of the Healthy Chelsea Coalition, where they design and deliver programming about nutrition in Chelsea schools. Convened and managed by MGH, Healthy Chelsea is a community coalition focused on improving the overall health of Chelsea residents. 

One volunteer, Sam Moser, is teaching English as a Second Language as part of the Chelsea Collaborative’s menu of workforce development services. The Collaborative works to meet the basic needs of Chelsea residents, foster leadership and citizenship, and change systems for greater equity and justice.

Every year, the AmeriCorps program places thousands of volunteers in thousands of communities throughout the nation to bolster civic, neighborhood, and faith-based organizations.  For more information, see