Berta Ramos

This story is part of a collection of stories under the series Voices of Acadia. Each story highlights the residents in one of Acadia’s units and how they came to call it home. To read more stories in this series, click here.


“We used to live in a bedroom of an apartment on Marlborough Street. A fire started in the building and it ended up burning down. At that point my son Jeffrey was two years old and I was three months pregnant with my daughter Tiffany. We were looking for a place to stay when the Red Cross helped us. We stayed at St. Luke’s Church, the old YMCA in Chelsea, and the Boys and Girls Club where my husband, son, and I all slept in a small bed. With everything going on and being pregnant I didn’t think about the fact that in a few months we would become a family of four.”


“We lived on Broadway for seven years. During that time, I had my third child, Erickson. Erickson and Jeffrey shared a bedroom and Tiffany shared a room with me and my husband.”


“When we won the lottery I was so shocked and surprised. I always wanted my daughter to have her own room and Erikson never had enough space to play with his toys so I knew it would be best for us to move. I started making payments on furniture for Tiffany’s room, but didn’t tell her. We got the furniture a week after moving in and Tiffany was so surprised and happy.”


“Everything has changed since moving into Acadia. My husband and I used to be really stressed out all the time because we were all practically living on top of each other. My husband and I now have our own room and my kids have their own spaces and room to play. My kitchen at Broadway could only fit two people and the bathroom was right next to it. If someone had to use the bathroom I’d have to move out of the kitchen. I can now fit so many more people in my kitchen in Acadia and continue my love for cooking.”


“Things happen for a reason. The fire in the apartment on Marlborough Street brought us to Broadway which then brought us to where we are now in Acadia.”