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Below are some links we found from around the web that we thought were relevant to our work. These articles don't always represent our point of view, but it's interesting to know what people are saying :

Chelsea Record: City Preparing for Quick Turnaround on CPA after Overwhelming Vote
Lost in the turmoil of the November election was the overwhelming ‘yes’ vote for the Community Preservation Act (CPA) in Chelsea, and now City leaders have set an accelerated schedule to get the new program up and running by next fiscal year, which begins July 1.

WBUR: What Would Ben Carson As HUD Secretary Mean For Mass.?
On Monday, Donald Trump tapped retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson to head up the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Carson has no experience in government, and if confirmed by the Senate, he would run an agency with a budget of almost $50 billion and more than 8,000 employees.

Boston Globe: Low-income families need a place in the Boston area’s housing picture
THE BOSTON Globe covered the release of a report related to the production of high-end housing in the region (“Luxury housing boom in city slows,” Page A1, Nov. 29). However, threaded throughout the data is another story. Walsh to push new tenant protections
Mayor Martin J. Walsh is wading into the fight over renters’ rights in Boston.

FastCo: These Apocalyptic Maps Show The Holes Income Inequality Has Left In Cities
Tall buildings represent the wealthy; short ones represent the poor. What's missing? The middle class.

538: Stop Treating HUD Like A Second-Tier Department
Donald Trump on Monday morning said he would nominate retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson as his secretary of housing and urban development.

The Hill: Obama administration bans smoking in low-income housing
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced Wednesday it will ban smoking in public housing units in an effort to protect millions of low-income tenants from the effects of secondhand smoke.

The Atlantic: The Future of Housing Segregation Under Trump
The president-elect is skeptical about many of the Obama administration’s attempts to give minorities access to better homes.

Revere Journal: The Secret Weapon to Ending America’s Health Crisis: Schools
America has a big, fat problem. A whopping 13 million American children are obese— and millions more are about to join their ranks.