The Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI)

PLTI is a free program seeking to enable parents to become leading advocates for children. 

Parents are offered three phases of training:

  • A retreat to develop group cohesion and define mission
  • A 10-week course on parent leadership, understanding personal history and its impact on perception.
  • A 10-week study of politics, policy and media with a Community Project to practice your new skills within a community framework.

Parents will be selected for each class with consideration given to their ability to commit
to the entire program, how their participation in the program will enhance diversity, strength and learning for the group as a whole.

PLTI Curriculum

RETREAT: Creating a Caring Community for Children
WEEK 1: Thriving with Diversity
WEEK 2: The Change Process
WEEK 3: Parents as Change Agents
WEEK 4: Define a Problem and Work Towards a Solution
WEEK 5: The Intentional Use of Language
WEEK 6: Learning How the Community Works
WEEK 7: How Local Systems Work/How to Interact with Them
WEEK 8: Networks
WEEK 9: The Power of Media
WEEK 10: Using your Voice
WEEK 11: Life Cycle of the Child & Family Function
WEEK 12: The Socio-economic Trends
WEEK 13: What is Public Policy?
WEEK 14: How doe State Gov’t Work?
WEEK 15: How Does Local Gov’t Work?
WEEK 16: How do we understand the law?
WEEK 17: Budgets—From Wallets to State, It’s all Money & Priorities
WEEK 18: Evaluation, Outcomes, & Accountability
WEEK 19: The magic of unexpected alliances
WEEK 20: Putting it all together


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PLTI is a family civics initiative created by the Connecticut Commission on Children.