Bellingham Hill Family Homes

Bellingham Hill Family Homes (BHFH) is The Neighborhood Developers’ first supportive housing project and was built for the benefit of formerly homeless families. These homes specifically targets families living in shelters, families who have lost their homes and are in other temporary housing, or families in imminent risk of losing their housing.  Working with Housing Families, Inc. out of Malden, MA, BHFH provides supportive case management to help the support families living at BHFH. BHFH offers a deep level of affordability in the community, offering Section 8 Project Based Vouchers for all seven units.

Date Completed: 2014
Total Development Cost: $2.4 million
Number of Homes: 7 rental apartments
Affordability: 7 units for <30% AMI
Development Consultant: Dan Violi
Architect: Resolution Architects
Contractor: NEI General Contracting
Permanent Financing: Boston Private Bank & Trust Company
Subordinate Debt: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development; Community Economic Development Corporation; and City of Chelsea
Predevelopment Financing: Neighborhood Stabilization Loan Fund
Additional Funds: NeighborWorks America; The Neighborhood Developers, Inc.
Construction Loan: Neighborhood Stabilization Loan Fund