Lewis Latimer Place

Date Completed: March 2016
Total Development Cost: $1.6 million
Development Type: New Construction
Number of Units: 4 Rental Apartments
Affordability: 1 unit for < 30% AMI; 3 units for < 50% AMI.
Development Consultant: Rebecca Plaut Mautner
Architect: Horne + Johnson Architects
Subordinate Debt: Department of Housing and Community Development Housing, Preservation and Stabilization Trust Fund, CEDAC Housing Innovation Fund, City of Chelsea with funds provided by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Housing and Community Development, Massachusetts Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, North Suburban Consortium HOME, MassHousing
Construction Loan: Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation Neighborhood Stabilization Loan Fund, Tax-exempt bonds from MassDevelopment, Boston Private
Additional Funds: Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program, The Neighborhood Developers, Inc., TD Bank Charitable Foundation, Charlesbank Homes

Latimer Elevation Image for Steve L Rev 1 With great excitement, The Neighborhood Developers (TND) has developed Lewis Latimer Place at 12 Shawmut Street. Lewis Latimer  Place includes 4 new rental apartments for at-risk and high-risk parenting and/or pregnant young parents and their families. TND has partnered with Roca, Inc. to provide ongoing supportive services to these families. Roca’s mission is to help disengaged and disenfranchised young people move out of violence and poverty.  For 25 years, Roca has worked to refine a behavior change model that is specifically designed to help high-risk young people stay alive, stay out of prison, and go to work. An outcomes-driven organization founded in 1988, Roca has helped more than 20,000 of these young people change their behaviors and transform their lives.

These new homes are named after Lewis Latimer, who was a scientist, engineer and inventor. The son of a runaway slave, he was born in a building that was formerly on this now vacant site. Among other accomplishments, he executed drawings for Alexander Graham Bell’s patent for the telephone and invented a carbon filament to make electric lights longer lasting and more affordable. His story and accomplishments can serve as an inspiration to Chelsea’s youth and we are honored to have the opportunity to not only mark his birthplace by naming this new building after him but also to provide opportunities for other young Chelsea residents to reach their full potential.

Construction began in September 2015 and the apartments are expected to be completed in February 2016.