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Every other day someone in Chelsea, Everett, and Revere—the communities that TND serves—gets evicted from their home. Evictions are most likely to occur when households fall behind in rent. Since the recession ended, the cost of housing has dramatically increased while salaries have not risen apace. In Everett, for example, over the last eight years, rental rates have increased close to 30%.

Imagine the disruptions to work, school, and everyday life due to one or more forced moves in a year. Neighborhoods with a lot of resident turnover suffer other challenges such as a lack of access to good employment and working conditions. They also experience more violence, chronic health issues, social isolation, and less civic engagement. Housing instability harms people’s ability to succeed.

A gift to TND creates homes, community, and opportunity in Chelsea, Revere and Everett.

In order for change to happen, you must be part of the change
— Mike Sandoval, Chelsea Member of the Year
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Please donate by clicking below- as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your donation is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.


Use Community Investment Tax Credits

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How It Works!

Donations of $1,000 or more made to The Neighborhood Developers earn half of your donation back as either a state tax credit or a check.  Federal deductions also apply making the value of your donation go even further.  Tax credits are available while supplies last.  If you have any questions please contact Heather Vieira at hvieira@tndinc.orgor 617-545-8325.

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Where can your donation go? 

  • $50.00-Movie night at Spencer Green (one of TND’s homes)

  • $100.00- All supplies for a large neighborhood cleanup

  • $1,000.00- A year of coaching services for a CONNECT client who is ready to work hard towards financial health and well-being.

  • $2,500- All appliances for one TND home

  • $5,000-Painting an entire 2-bedroom home

  • $10,000- A 3-month intensive ESL class with wrap-around supportive services for 12 future American citizens

*based on estimates

Our Supporters

The Neighborhood Developers is grateful to our donors for their generous support.